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Handgun Range rules


1. Always adhere to the safety rules of weapon handling!

1.1- Always point the weapon in the safe direction of the back stop wall, be muzzle conscious at all times!
1.2- Always keep your finger of the trigger until the sights of the weapon are on target and you are ready to fire!
1.3- Always handle any weapon anywhere as if it is loaded.
 Don’t make assumptions on whether the weapon is unloaded, make sure!!! Check the chamber and magazine well.
1.4- Always know your target and what is beyond your target.

2. All weapons brought onto or leaving the firing line must be unloaded and bagged.
3. Weapons may only be loaded, unloaded, removed from bags or bagged on the shooting line as instructed by the range officer or responsible person.
4. Under no circumstances may firearms or ammunition be handled by anybody when anyone is in front of the firing line.
5. When marking targets, weapons will be put down and or holstered.
6. Eye and hearing protection shall be worn at all times during shooting, even by spectators.
7. Only range approved targets may be shot. No tins, drums, glass bottles etc. may be shot.
8. Turning around with a firearm in hand is forbidden. SAFETY RULE NO 1
9 The shooter is responsible for cleaning up his bench after shooting.
10. NO ALCOHOL are allowed on this range!
11. NO fires on the range.
11. Finally, when everyone obeys the basic rules of range etiquette and common decency, shooting is a lot more fun.