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Imdemnity and safety rules



S.W.A.T. Firearms safety Rules

Any Queries may be directed to the range staff

1. All firearms must be UNLOADED and covered when entering and exiting the ranges (except for self defense arms, which must be properly holstered)
2. Handle and load firearms ONLY AT firing points.
3. Keep all firearms pointed DOWNRANGE at all times.
4. Take heed of special SAFETY WARNING and SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS signs outside ranges.
5. When leaving the firing points for whatever reason, UNLOAD ALL FIREARMS, leave them on the bench pointed downrange, and with the action open.
6. NO RICOCHETS ALLOWED. Be conscious of what and how your bullet will strike.
7. NO SHOOTING OF GLASS, or other unauthorized objects. ASK for clearance of ‘special targets’.
8. Targets must be placed on target frames provided.
9. NO placement of HIGH or LOW targets. Strike zone must be at eye level, as directed.
10. BULLET PATH IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Be sure of where the bullet will ultimately stop.
11. Other people’s firearms will not be touched without the express permission of the owner.
12. NO CHILDREN on, or near, firing points! Guardians of minors shooting must receive express permission from office, and is subject to strict conditions BY LAW. (see conditional entries)
13. Strictly NO CLIMBING on banks.
14. Any persons under the influence of, or in possession of ALCOHOL OR DRUGS are strictly PROHIBITED to approach the firing points or ranges.
15. No smoking or naked flames on ranges!
16. SIGHT AND HEARING PROTECTION must be worn on and around firing points.
17. CLUTTER PRODUCES ACCIDENTS. Keep your gun bags and accessories neatly on the back seat provided, and replace used targets in rubbish bins provided.
18. Normal Road Traffic rules apply on the internal roads at SWAT. Speed limit is 10kmph
19. Shooting of SWAT property, not designed to be shot at- (Signs, Bins, Cover Props) is strictly forbidden, and will receive heavy penalties once caught.
20. Do not wander around the premises without direction. If unsure where to go ASK.
21. Please report any unsafe conduct you observe immediately
22. The range master’s instructions will be obeyed at all times and without question.


1. All persons making use of the facilities of the S.W.A.T. Shooting Range (The Declarant), shall before going onto the range, sign the official register and in so doing acknowledge and warrant having read and understood this document, and the accompanying Range Rules.
2. The Declarant by using the range facilities binds himself/herself, his/her estate, executors, dependants and assignees to the terms and provisions contained herein and in the Range Rules.
3. The Declarant acknowledges that He/She has not been declared unfit to possess a weapon as provided for in the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000; and that any weapons brought onto the range by him/her or that he/she is legally licensed to him/her or that he/she is legally entitled to use such weapons in terms of the said Act.
4. The Declarant, his/her estate, executors, dependents and assignees hereby irrevocably waive all and any claims whether for damages or otherwise (and whether in delict or contract), against either the S.W.A.T. Shooting Range (The RANGE), or any of its Staff, Partners, S.W.A.T Directors, Land Owners, Agents, Managers or Servants, (hereinafter called “its staff”) or any Instructors appointed or contracted by THE RANGE or its Staff (“the Instructor”), arising out of injury, loss of life and/or damage to property, and whether or not caused by the negligence, gross or otherwise, of THE RANGE or its staff, or by any instructor, or by the Declarant himself/herself, or as a result of any defective firearms or ammunition having been issued to the Declarant by THE RANGE, or any of its staff, or brought by themselves, or used by any instructor.
5. The Declarant hereby irrevocably waiver and abandon all such claims, and further confirms that this waiver will be binding on his/her estate, executors, dependants or assignees and that THE RANGE and its staff or any Instructor are hereby released from any duty of care towards them.
6. The Declarant hereby indemnifies and shall keep indemnified THE RANGE and its staff or any instructor, and hold each of them harmless from, and against all and any claims, loss, demands, liability, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature (including legal costs) which may be brought against THE RANGE or its staff, or any instructor whomever, as a result of any act or omission of whatsoever nature and whether amounting to negligence (including gross negligence) or otherwise, on his/her part and or breach by him/her of any of THE RANGE’s or its staffs or Instructors, orders both written and verbal.
7. The Declarant confirms that the use of THE RANGE’s premises and/or equipment, firearms, or ammunition, or the use of his/her equipment, firearms, or ammunition, will be entirely at his/her own risk, and of his/her own free will that he/she is totally responsible for his/her actions while on the premises, and surrounds, including the parking area outside the premises. The Declarant will return rented equipment in the condition at which it was let out to them, fair wear and tear excluded, and undertakes to replace, or pay replacement costs of any equipment damaged by themselves. The Declarant will take care not to shoot or damage any possession belonging to THE RANGE.
8. The Declarant hereby agrees to abide by THE RANGE’s Rules. Orders, both written and verbal, such written rules and orders he/she confirms having read and fully understood and which he/she declares to by fully binding upon him/her.
9. The Range Master’s instructions will be obeyed at all times and without question and the Declarant will maintain proper and strict discipline whilst near weapons and/or firing points at all times. The directors reserve the right to evacuate persons breaking the safety rules, as well as verbal rules issued by officials, or for any other reason whatsoever. The breaking of the rules may result in permanent expulsion from the centre.
10. The use of one’s own reloaded ammunition is at their own risk.
11. Children are the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility and must by supervised in the designated play areas only: The Declarant hereby releases THE RANGE from any duty of care towards any minors, and hold each harmless from, and against all claims, liability, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature (including medical and legal costs).
12. Any vehicles to be brought on to internal driveways and shall be parked in the designated parking areas, and leniency and flexibility of certain rules on he part of THE RANGE is in no respect or manner whatsoever a waiver of the rights and immunity of THE RANGE.